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  • Hormonal Issues
  • Skin Issues
  • Neck and Back Issues
  • Low Energy issues
  • Etc…

Every cell in your body emits more than 100,000 light impulses per second, known as bio-photons. Bio meaning life, photon meaning a single particle of light. Bio-photons are measurable particles of light emitted by the cells of living organisms. This light, when measured, holds valuable information about the health of cells. Healthy cells radiate coherent light, whereas an unhealthy cell radiates chaotic light. Chaotic light is simply an energetic disturbance caused by the many stresses we encounter including environmental pollutants, pesticides, and fertilizers, electromagnetic frequencies, GMO's, trauma, heavy metals, viruses, vaccines, food poisoning, etc. Exposure to these foreign bodies inhibit the body's immune system to fight dis-ease. However, if we strengthen the coherent light and invert or correct the chaotic light the body's remarkable natural ability to heal itself takes over. 

Bio-photon Light Sessions are facilitated using a biofeedback device called a Chiren®

which allows us to identify the “cause” of the disturbance as well as where that disturbance

is in the body by measuring specific points on the fingers and toes. This device measures

and corrects the quality of light within the body restoring its self-healing capacity via a

feedback loop regulated by your own body according to its needs by amplifying the

coherent light and inverting the chaotic light encompasses the physical, emotional,

mental and spiritual elements of well-being.  

FIRST SESSION (Approx. 2 hours) $100
Important: Before coming to the first session, be sure to review the contraindications

section below to ensure they do not apply to you and provide me with a list of all

medications/supplements you are taking.

During the first session, we will:
Obtain an understanding of your primary health concerns and symptoms as well a brief medical history and review any medications/supplements you are taking.

  1. Address all scars (reconnecting the severed bio-photon highways)
  2. Check for “energetic” whiplash, making sure the head and body are communicating energetically.
  3. Assess meridian points on fingers and toes
  4. 10-minute bio-photon light session on hands
  5. 16-minute bio-photon light session on feet 

The sessions are very relaxing and non-invasive so allow yourself the time to relax!​

SUBSEQUENT SESSIONS (Approx. 1.5 hours) $100
We will review your issues to determine where we are making progress, discuss any new issues, and address steps 3-6.

ISSUES  SUPPORTED (to name a few)

  • Allergy issues
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Infection issues
  • Gut Issues
  • Headaches issues

Bio-photon Light Sessions boost and balance the immune system. Before making an appointment please review the list below. If you have any of the contraindications below or you are pregnant, you are not eligible for Bio-photon Light Sessions.

  • Organ or foreign tissue transplant (for example, pig heart valve or any tissue that is not your own)
  • Artificial blood vessels and blood vessel fortifications or tubes
  • Shunts
  • Blood clots or Thrombosis
  • Taking blood thinners
  • Retina replacement of the eye
  • Cadaver tendon (your own is OK)
  • Blood transfusion within 6 months
  • bone marrow transplant within 1 year

Note: Individuals taking statins can be treated but progress may be slow. 

Each Bio-photon Light Session is customized to the individual. The number of sessions vary from person to person. One person may require 6 sessions, others perhaps 10-20, while others even more depending on your overall health or how chronic the issues. 

-Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water for three days to assist the body as it detoxes. VERY IMPORTANT! Hydrate 24 hours before session shoot for a gallon, Minimum of 3 liters each day. 
-Let the body rest to aid in the body’s self-healing intelligence.

We attempt to restore the body’s own healing and regeneration

system, after which the body can do what it was intended to do: 

heal itself.